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David A. Dusenbury & Associates

David A. Dusenbury & Associates is located in Orange County, California and Bend, Oregon. We provide honest, ethical, comprehensive analysis of both police and security industry cases. That analysis is predicated upon broad-based experience, education, and training in both fields.

Consultation and expert witness testimony are provided. Mr. Dusenbury has been retained in more than 440 cases including cases in Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Louisiana, Hawaii, California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Oklahoma, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, Maine and Georgia.

Firm owner, David A. Dusenbury, is experienced in both the police and security arenas. Mr. Dusenbury is a retired Deputy Chief of Police from the Long Beach, California Police Department, with more than 30 years of municipal law enforcement experience. His areas of expertise include search and seizure, arrest, probable cause, use of force, deadly force, false imprisonment, police vehicle operations, police emergency response, police vehicle pursuits, interview/interrogation, police administrative procedures, alcoholic beverage control, handling of mentally ill persons, traffic collision investigation, traffic control and enforcement, firearms safety procedures, security, jail procedures, police investigative procedures, booking/identification procedures, and domestic violence procedures, citizen complaint procedures, police recruitment, hiring, selection and retention standards.

Mr. Dusenbury has 7 years of “contract security industry” with experience in premises liability, hiring, training and supervision of security officers, detention, probable cause, arrest, and use of force by security personnel, event security, and eviction procedures.

The firm has access to other experts who are experienced in both these areas.


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David A. Dusenbury & Associates
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Tustin, CA 92781-3783
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David A. Dusenbury & Associates
60847 Garrison Dr
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Phone: 541-306-3485
Fax: 541-647-1597
Cellular: 310-503-2114